Gooding & Company Breaks Bugatti World Records in $19 Million Auction at Mullin Museum


Gooding & Company created waves at the Mullin Automotive Museum auction, surpassing all expectations by garnering an astounding total sales number of over $19 million, creating a historic event that echoed across the automotive scene. The breathtaking presence of Bugatti, the pinnacle of automotive perfection, was at the centre of this incredible feat. The auction hall was a hive of activity, with collectors and fans assembling to see this remarkable occasion.

Excellent Work and Sales That Break Records

Exuberance was high during the auction as sought-after pieces from the prestigious Mullin Collection sold for far more than anticipated, surpassing pre-auction predictions. The 1938 Bugatti Type 57C Aravis ‘Special Cabriolet,’ which sold for an incredible $6,605,000 and broke the model’s previous world record, was the show’s highlight. This outstanding accomplishment demonstrated the timeless appeal of the company’s tradition and workmanship.

Triumph of Superlatives

Once again taking centre stage was Bugatti, a brand synonymous with automotive brilliance, as the auction included an incredible collection of Bugatti masterpieces. Every model of this company, from the recognisable Type 57C Aravis to the sophisticated beauty of the Type 46 Semi-Profilée Coupe, personified the enduring legacy of Ettore Bugatti’s visionary craftsmanship.

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Beyond Anticipations: The Mullin Collection Mysterium

The Mullin Collection, which was painstakingly assembled with great care to detail by the late collector and philanthropist Peter Mullin and his wife Merle, is responsible for the auction’s success. Throughout the auction, their steadfast dedication to quality was evident, winning over the hearts of both fans and collectors.

Creating New Benchmarks

Not only did the Bugatti Type 57C Aravis sell for a record amount, but the auction also saw new world records set for the Bugatti brand. With a whopping $1,105,000, the Bugatti Type 46 Semi-Profilée Coupe cemented Bugatti’s dominance in the automobile industry.

A Tradition of Quality: The Goals of Gooding & Company

The president and co-founder of Gooding & Company, David Gooding, acknowledged the heritage of the Mullin Collection and its significant impact on the automobile industry. The auction demonstrated the global collectors’ and fans’ unwavering desire for automotive excellence.

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Enthusiasts may anticipate the next Geared Online | Motorcycles auction by Gooding & Company as the dust settles from the historic Mullin Automotive Museum sale. The auction seems to be another exciting chapter in the history of automobiles, with a wide selection of unique and rare motorbike items.

Unveiling the Magnificent Mullin Collection: A Display of Automotive Excellence

Without a question, the most valuable item at the auction was the legendary Bugatti Type 57C Aravis ‘Special Cabriolet,’ an incredible feat of engineering and design. Fans clutched their breath in suspense as the bidding heated up, seeing history come to life in front of them. When the hammer eventually dropped, it was a victorious moment since the Bugatti had surpassed its pre-auction estimate and become the most expensive Bugatti ever sold.

In addition to the Bugatti Type 57C Aravis, a selection of outstanding vehicles from the Mullin Collection captured the interest of those present. Every car conveyed a tale of ingenuity, skill, and history, from the classic elegance of the Bugatti Type 46 Semi-Profilée Coupe to the seductive charm of the Hispano-Suiza J12 Cabriolet.


In summary, the Mullin Automotive Museum auction was a celebration of the long-lasting legacy of Bugatti and the Mullin Collection as well as a display of remarkable vehicles. The spirit of quality and enthusiasm for automotive heritage continues to inspire and attract collectors worldwide, as fans look forward to future auctions with great anticipation.

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