GM to commence production of facemasks |Canada

General Motors
General Motors

General Motors Canada has made known its plans to set some portion of Oshawa plant to start the production of face masks to help Canada meet up with the immediate need of face masks for health care unit expertise and for residents of Canada.This is as a result of the general motor’s creation and this model has started working in Michigan.

The general motor has initiated the plans to produce exactly 1million facial masks with the aid of about 50 workers who will engage in two shift of production.The project is still in need of completion of extra work with the government and the uniform partner therefore information will be released as soon as the plan to start production commences.

Scott Bell, the president and managing director of General Motors of Canada has declared that this plan has made workers of General motors canada happy, as they prepare the Oshawa plant to produce million of mask in order to give helping hand to Canada in fighting the pandemic called COVID-19 situation.He said they are in expectant of the support of government and union partners to get a faster result.

Just as one of the preventive measures given to help reduce the spread of covid-19 is the usage of face mask this plan of the general motors will help in a greater way.The production of face mask has been a concern due to the high demand of face mask and the production that will commence will help circulate more of face mask for the usage of the community.

Varieties of vehicles like Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles has been put out on trade by General Motors of Canada company with the aid of Onstar, MAVEN services and great Canadian network of dealers.
GM Canada is well known as a pioneer with their Headquarters in Oshawa, Ontario in enhanced production, green operations, active safety and autonomous and connected vehicle technology research and development.

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