General Motors January Sales in Cannada, U.S, SA and Korea

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General Motors Cannada, January 2013 Sales

  • Truck sales were up more than 5 per cent
  • Chevrolet Orlando sales were up 41 per cent for the month
  • Buick Enclave sales were up 20 per cent for the month
  • GMC Terrain sales were up 15 per cent for the month
  • Cadillac sales were up 20 per cent for the month
  • General motors mini and small cars, combined sales were up 33 per cent for the month
  • Total General Motors sales were up 6.2 per cent compared to January 2012

Marc Comeau, GM of Canada’s vice-president of sales, service and marketing said

“This month’s sales results show that focusing on the core elements of our business and building the value of our brands and products is a winning plan. We are looking forward to further momentum in 2013 driven by our aggressive launch cadence, where approximately 70 per cent of our vehicles will be all-new or significantly refreshed. An excellent example of this product renaissance is the all-new Cadillac ATS, which continues to be recognized with awards including the North American Car of the Year, The Best of the Best by the Canadian Automotive Jury and Motoring TV’s Car of the Year for 2013.”

General Motors United States January 2013 Sales

General Motors sold a total 194,699 units of its vehicles in the United States in January 2013, which is a 16 per cent compared to January 2012

January U.S Sales

  • Cadillac sold a total of 13,116 units of its vehicles, a massive 47 per cent compared to January 2012
  • Buick grew 31.9 per cent in January 2013 by selling 13,463 units of its vehicles
  • General Motors sold 30,92+ units, a 23.4 per cent increase
  • Chevrolet sold 137,304 units, a 10.9 per cent increase compared to Jan 2012
  • Car sales were up by 12 per cent, Truck sales up by 13 per cent and crossover increased by 27 per cent.

Kurt McNeil, vice president of U.S. sales operations said

“The year is off to a very good start for General Motors. There’s a sense of optimism among our dealers that only comes when you pair a growing economy with great new products. We started to see the benefits in 2012 with vehicles like the Chevrolet Sonic, Cadillac ATS and Buick Verano. Now in 2013, we’re entering the sweet spot of our product plan in a growing economy.”

Launches Planned for 2013

  • General Motors will launch an all-new Sierra.
  • Chevrolet is also planning to launch the all-new Impala, SS, Silverado and Corvette, as well as the Cruze diesel and Spark EV in 2013.
  • Cadillac will launch an all-new CTS.
  • Buick is launching the Encore small crossover, followed by redesigns of the Regal and LaCrosse.

General Motors U.S Jan 2013 Sales Details

Highlights Jan. Total Sales Change vs. Jan. 2012 Jan. Retail Sales Change vs. Jan. 2012
Chevrolet 137,304 10.9% 92,394 18.2%
GMC 30,816 23.4% 28,464 31.5%
Buick 13,463 31.9% 12,418 30.4%
Cadillac 13,116 47.0% 12,341 47.4%
Total GM 194,699 15.9% 145,617 23.7%


Inventory Units @Jan. 31, 2013 Days Supply (selling day adjusted) Units @Dec. 31, 2012 Days Supply (selling day adjusted)
All Vehicles 737,885 95 717,025 76
Full-size Pickups 234,342 117 221,649 80


Industry Sales Jan. SAAR (est.) Calendar Year (est.)
Light Vehicles 15.3 million range 15.0 – 15.5 million range


General Motors, South Korea Jan 2013 Sales

General Motors sold a total 67,210 units of its vehicles in January 2013 and reported a 8.3 per cent year on year increase in its sales.

  • Total Units sold – 67,210 units, a 8.3 per cent increase
  • Domestic – 10,031 units,
  • Exports – 57,179 units, 5.9 per cent increase compared to 54,001 units in January 2012

General Motors South Africa January 2013 Sales

  • 55,007 units were sold which is a 14.11 per cent increase
  • Trailblazer – 297 units sold in January 2013
  • Chevrolet Cruze – 551 units sold
  • Chevrolet Utility made 1,528 deliveries in Jan 2013

Malcolm Gauld, GMSA’s Vice President, Vehicle Sales Service and Marketing said

“The new year has certainly got off to a bumper start with surprisingly high sales. A welcome start to the year but we remain cautious about the sustainability of any high level of growth over the next 11 months. It is our view that growth will be constrained by economic conservatism through the year with demand levelling out and single digit growth the real prospect by year-end.
A key driver of sales in January was increased demand by the vehicle rental industry. Sales to this market channel were up by 51,4% over January 2012 in a marked change in the normal seasonal buying pattern as purchases were brought forward into January. We anticipate that demand in this sector will average out over the coming months”

Chevrolet Middle East, Thailand & South East Sales in Jan 2013

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