General Motors February 2013 Sales in United States & China

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General Motor Sales in China

General Motors and its joint ventures have sold a total of 215,070 vehicles in China during February 2013.

  • Buick sales in the domestic market decreased 0.8 percent on an annual basis in February to 52,340 units.
  • The original Excelle family was its best selling model with sales of 14,601 units.
  • 14,294 units of Excelle XT and GT was sold, 20.2 per cent increase
  • Chevrolet sold 46,388 units of its vehicles in Feb, 11.5 per cent decline on anual basis
  • Sail was the most popular model
  • 17,304 units of Small cars were sold, 22.0 per cent increase
  • 6,939 units of Malibu were sold
  • Cadillac sold 2,295 units of its vehicles in china during february 2013.
  • 2,086 units of SRX luxury utility vehicles were sold, 36.6 per cent increase
  • Baojun brand sold 6,055 units of its vehicles in china in Feb, 24.5 per cent on annual basis

General Motor February 2013 Sales

General Motors Sales in the United States, increased by over 7 per cent February 2013. It has sold a total of 224,314 units of its vehicles in February

  • Cadillac was up 20 per cent, year over year basis
  • Buick was up 15 per cent, year over year basis
  • GMC was up 10 per cent, year over year basis
  • Chevrolet was up 5 per cent, year over year basis
  • Crossover sales increased by 17 per cent
  • Truck sales increased by 14 per cent
  • Car sales were down by 4 per cent
  • General Motor’s full size pickups sales grew by 28 per cent to 58,039 units
  • The Chevrolet Spark and Cadillac ATS had their best sales months.

Kurt McNeil , vice president of U.S sales operations said

“The housing sector has now joined auto sales in propelling the U.S. economy forward.More importantly, the recovery in new home construction is reinforcing the underlying improvement in auto buying conditions, especially for pickups.
Light vehicle sales have now been running at a mid-15 million unit annual rate since November.This sets us up well for the launches of key new products this year, including an all-new generation of Chevrolet and GMC full-size pickups and an all new Chevrolet Impala and Cadillac CTS.”

Brand February Total Sales Compared to February 2012 February Retail Sales Compared to February 2012
Chevrolet 158,541 4.9% 109,188 4.1%
GMC 35,778 9.8% 31,257 13.5%
Buick 16,150 15.2% 14,951 13.2%
Cadillac 13,845 20.3% 12,571 12.5%
Total GM 224,314 7.2% 167,967 7.1%

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