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General Motors Company dealers delivered 275,847 units of its vehicles in the United States in August 2013, up 15 per cent compared a year ago. Retail sales increased 22 percent on the other hand fleet sales were down 8 percent.

  • Cadillac was up 38 percent
  • Buick was up 37 percent
  • GMC was up 14 percent
  • Chevrolet was up 10 percent
  • Deliveries to retail customers were up 38 percent at Cadillac, 22 percent at Chevrolet, 16 percent at GMC and 24 percent at Buick.

August Sales Highlights (vs. 2012)

  • Crossover sales were up by 34 per cent.
  • Full size pickup sales were up 15 per cent. Large SUV sales were up 29 percent.
  • Passenger car deliveries were up 8 percent.
  • Retail deliveries were up 27 percent, driven by a 93 percent increase for the Chevrolet Malibu and a 76 percent increase for the Chevrolet Impala. The Impala has increased its retail share of the large car segment by about 3 percentage points, according to J.D. Power PIN data.
  • The Chevrolet Volt had its best month ever, as did the Chevrolet Spark, Chevrolet Sonic, Cadillac XTS and Buick Verano.

Kurt McNeil, vice president, U.S. sales operations said

“The second half of 2013 is off to a very solid start for GM and our model-year change over and new product launches are going smoothly. We have a lot of momentum and we feel good about the direction of the U.S. economy as we prepare to launch even more new products, including all-new heavy duty pickups and large SUVs for Chevrolet and GMC, a completely redesigned Cadillac CTS and the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.”

McNeil said

“If our first Cruze customer were to walk into a Chevrolet dealership today, he wouldn’t recognize the place. The same holds true for Buick-GMC and Cadillac. The cars and trucks, the sales and service experience – everything is being elevated so we can offer customers the best ownership experience in the business.”

GM August 2013 Sales

Month Total Sales YOY Change Retail Sales YOY Change  
Chevrolet 187,740 10.4% 143,030 21.6%
GMC 43,202 14.2% 38,908 16.3%
Buick 24,650 36.9% 20,038 24.1%
Cadillac 20,255 37.8% 18,982 38.3%
Total GM 275,847 14.7% 220,958 22.1%
CYTD Total Sales YOY Change Retail Sales YOY Change  
Chevrolet 1,365,544 7.5% 956,410 11.7%
GMC 303,254 10.9% 262,215 15.1%
Buick 141,880 15.7% 125,865 15.6%
Cadillac 119,586 31.5% 109,767 27.9%
Total GM 1,930,264 9.8% 1,454,257 13.7%
Inventory Units at
Days Supply
(selling day adjusted)
Units at Previous
Days Supply
(selling day adjusted)
All Vehicles 628,644 64 638,517 68
GMT-900 Pickups 106,282 60 140,035 68

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