Ford Endeavour 2024 Resurfaces in India: What You Should Know About Its Possible Recurrence


Unexpectedly, the Ford Endeavour—also referred to as the Ford Everest—has been sighted close to Chennai, raising the possibility of the venerable SUV making a comeback in India’s car industry. Ford’s decision to potentially relaunch the Endeavour has stirred excitement and conjecture among buyers and auto aficionados alike, after the company’s 2021 ban on car sales in India.

ford endeavour 2024

A Glimpse into the History

Let’s take a minute to remember the Ford Endeavour’s heritage before discussing its possible comeback. Since 1995, Ford has established production plants in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and Sanand, Gujarat, so creating a considerable foothold in India. Popular models like the EcoSport and the Endeavour were produced at the Chennai facility, whereas sedans like the Aspire and hatchbacks like the Figo and Freestyle were concentrated on at the Sanand plant.

The End of an Era

Unfortunately, Ford’s plans to stop making cars for the Indian market in 2021 put a stop to its progress in that country. With substantial non-operating asset write-downs and operational losses surpassing USD 2 billion over a ten-year period, Ford made the tough choice to withdraw from the Indian car industry, disappointing buyers and enthusiasts.

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A Sliver of Hope

Though there have been setbacks, there is renewed optimism for the Ford Endeavour’s return after recent sightings near Chennai. According to reports, Ford may think about reintroducing the Endeavour in India around the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025. Although Ford has not yet provided an official statement on its re-entry plan, fans are excitedly awaiting news from the massive automaker.

An Up-Close Look at the Ford Endeavour

The Ford Endeavour has the potential to have a big influence on the SUV market if it returns to India. The Endeavour, with its strong construction, imposing road appearance, and outstanding performance, has long been a customer favourite in India. The Endeavour offers a cutting-edge and opulent driving experience with features including a digital driver’s display, C-shaped LED DRLs, and a touchscreen positioned vertically.

Rivalries and Opportunities

The Ford Endeavour will compete against tough rivals including the Toyota Fortuner, Jeep Meridian, Citroen C5 Aircross, and Volkswagen Tiguan in the very competitive SUV market. If the Endeavour re-enters the Indian market, there is hope for success because of its excellent reputation and devoted customer base.

Revealing the Ford Endeavour’s Power and Performance

Engine Options: The Ford Endeavour is equipped with a range of powerful engines that are intended to provide outstanding performance in every type of terrain. The versatile 2-liter turbo, 2-liter twin-turbo diesel, and powerful 3-liter diesel engine options available for the Endeavour allow it to accommodate a range of driving needs and tastes. With plenty of power and torque at your disposal, the sturdy engines of the Endeavour guarantee an exhilarating driving experience whether you’re tackling off-road excursions or city streets.

Advanced innovations: The Ford Endeavour has an amazing array of engines to choose from, but it also has a number of other cutting-edge innovations that improve the driving experience. Everything about the Endeavour screams refinement and modernity, from the C-shaped LED DRLs and unique twin-slat front grille to the touchscreen and digital driver’s display that are positioned vertically.

Furthermore, the Endeavour provides precise control and customisation to meet individual driving tastes with to features like electric power steering and adjustable power steering. For drivers and passengers alike, the Ford Endeavour offers a seamless combination of comfort, performance, and innovation—whether they’re driving through metropolitan streets or taking a family road trip.


One thing is certain: the automotive industry is about to undergo a change. We anxiously await any information from Ford on the possible relaunch of the Endeavour in India. More than simply the resurrection of a cherished SUV, the Ford Endeavour’s comeback stands for tenacity, creativity, and the industry’s lasting spirit.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on publicly available sources and may not be 100% accurate.

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