Epicenter of Automobile Manufacturing urges Nitin Gadkari’s Bold Mission to Propel – 2024


The Government’s strategic vision, as articulated by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Thursday, is steadfastly dedicated to elevating India to the forefront of global automobile manufacturing. With an ambitious goal of establishing India as the unrivaled leader in this industry, the mission is poised to transform the auto sector into a formidable Rs 25 lakh crore economic powerhouse.


New Delhi

The Government’s mission is to make India the number one automobile manufacturing hub in the world and make the auto sector a Rs 25 lakh crore industry, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said on Thursday.

Addressing a seminar at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, the minister asked auto manufacturers to invest in clean technologies, especially in electric vehicles, otherwise, they will “miss the bus.”

Nitin Gadkari’s Vision for a Rs 25 Lakh Crore Automobile Industry and Global Dominance

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has articulated an ambitious vision for the Indian automobile sector, aiming to propel it into a formidable Rs 25 lakh crore industry. He emphasized the mission’s core objective of securing the top position globally for India in automobile manufacturing.

Gadkari highlighted the significant progress made under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, transitioning from the seventh to the third-largest automotive sector globally. He emphasized the vast potential in both domestic and international markets, underlining the industry’s current size at Rs 12.5 lakh crore.

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The minister accentuated the industry’s economic impact, with exports contributing Rs 4 lakh crore and creating a substantial 4 crore jobs. Gadkari also acknowledged the sector’s crucial role in generating substantial revenue for state and central governments through GST.

This comprehensive perspective underscores the minister’s commitment to steering India towards automotive dominance on the global stage, emphasizing achievements, potential, and economic contributions.

Timely Investment in EVs as Government Sprints Forward

Discussing the surge in electric vehicle (EV) sales in India, Nitin Gadkari emphasized the substantial benefits reaped by early investors in electrification technology. He cautioned that those lagging behind in adopting this transformative trend might find it challenging to catch up.

Gadkari issued a clear call to action: “Invest in EVs now, or risk missing the opportunity.”

Union Heavy Industries Minister Mahendra Nath Pandey echoed this sentiment at the same event, citing government initiatives like the FAME scheme, Production-Linked Incentives (PLIs) for the automotive sector, and the Advanced Chemistry Cell (ACC) battery program. These measures are strategically implemented to foster the growth of electric vehicles and their manufacturing within the country.

Pandey disclosed that production of ACC batteries in India, as part of the PLI scheme, is slated to commence around February. While he refrained from specific comments on the extension of the FAME scheme during the event, he alluded to ongoing government considerations regarding such proposals.


Speaking on air pollution facing major cities, the minister of road transport and highways said, “As a transport minister, we are responsible for 40 per cent of air pollution… We import 85 per cent of fossils… In our country, 40 per cent CO2 emission is seen in the transport sector… We need to find an option which is import-substitute, cost-effective, pollution-free and indigenous.”

Gadkari highlighted that one of the biggest problems related to lithium batteries is its high cost. “We have got 6 per cent of the world’s lithium reserves in Jammu & Kashmir… recently, I asked (officials) to mine it quickly, as we import 1,200 tonne of lithium-ion. If we get this done, we can capture the EV market of the world.”


In closing, Nitin Gadkari’s mission signals a determined drive to position India at the pinnacle of global automobile manufacturing. With a focus on innovation, economic growth, and sustainability, his vision charts a transformative course for the nation’s automotive sector. Under his leadership, India is poised to become an unrivaled force in the global automotive landscape.

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