Jaw-Dropping Cost of Flying Porsche Carrera GT Globally


For the extremely wealthy, luxury vehicles are status symbols that they need to have available at all times, not only for transportation. This article explores the pricey world of shipping high-end cars between countries, including the Porsche Carrera GT, the associated expenses, and the special logistics of these services.

Porsche Carrera GT

Ameerh Naran: An Exquisite and Organised Life with Porsche Carrera GT

The name Ameerh Naran is often associated with luxury and global business, and his background is just as distinctive as the services he offers. Naran, who was born in Zimbabwe into a family of Indian shoemakers, had an unusual start to his wealth: he was the first person to bring sex toys into Harare. But this endeavour served just as a springboard. After a while, Naran went into the private aircraft business, where he made millions of dollars serving wealthy and powerful people, including politicians and celebrities.

London, Dubai, New York, Los Angeles, and other important locations are home to Vimana Private Jets, Naran’s company. There’s a logistical difficulty with his fleet of automobiles, which includes a rare Porsche Carrera GT valued at £1.5 million ($1.9 million). “If I fly anywhere, Emirates will put it on the earliest flight to wherever I’m going so my car meets me there,” Naran says.

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Convenience Comes at a Heavy Price

The expense of moving high-end vehicles is just another aspect of life for Naran and many others who share his views. When Naran last took an Emirates flight from Dubai to London, the cost was £28,000 ($36,000). This sum is more than sufficient to purchase a brand-new Volkswagen Golf in West London, but grandeur overrides practicality for true auto aficionados.

The wealthiest customers of Naran, who are even less cost conscious, frequently like leasing a cargo aircraft. Their automobiles are transported with the utmost care and secrecy thanks to this service, which can cost millions of dollars. “I have jet clients who don’t want to put their cars on commercial airlines, so they’ll charter a cargo plane from us,” Naran explains. This level of excess might seem astonishing, but for the ultra-wealthy, it’s a matter of preference and convenience.

Cost of Flying cars globally

Network of Auto Transport Experts

The requirement to transport luxury automobiles throughout the globe has given rise to a complete ecosystem. Businesses in this niche industry include Dan Hallworth’s own Dan Car Logistics. About fifteen years ago, Hallworth began his career in the vehicle transportation industry, having learned the ropes at his uncle’s Manchester, England, freight company.

At first, the company was only open in the summer and served customers from the Middle East who were shipping their automobiles to London. “Newspapers used to be full of reports of hypercars roaring around chic parts of the British capital at the hands of Qatari princes,” Hallworth relates.

Thousands more are shipped by road, and Hallworth’s firm currently carries over 100 cars annually via air. The majority of the clients is still from the Middle East, where several royal families reside. A “humongous” Mercedes was recently transported to Los Angeles for £20,000 ($25,000), while a Qatari prince recently paid £12 million ($15.3 million) for a custom Bugatti Chiron Hermes edition to be sent to Marbella, Spain.

Cost of Flying cars globally

In recent years, the dynamics of luxury automobile transportation have changed. According to Hallworth, many clients have avoided the city after seeing viral recordings of crimes like watch muggings, and police and authorities in London have cracked down on ostentatious driving behaviours. “Now they go skiing and everything like that, making it a much more year-round business,” Hallworth says.

Airlines have adjusted to these developments as well. According to Etihad Cargo, the UK is now seeing the highest demand for its FlightValet auto shipping service. Over half of the 151 automobiles that were shipped in 2023—139 of which were headed for Abu Dhabi and Dubai—left Heathrow. December was the busiest month, with important car-leaving destinations in the United Arab Emirates including Frankfurt, Zurich, and Chicago.

Cost of Flying cars globally

Practicalities of Shipping Exotic Vehicles

High-end automobiles like the Porsche Carrera GT require careful planning and security procedures when being transported. Since cars are considered “dangerous goods,” customs clearance requires extensive documentation. To maintain compliance with rules, Etihad Cargo exclusively works with registered goods brokers.

In order to prevent legal issues, Hallworth stresses the significance of thoroughly screening clients. “We always want the owner’s ID, the registration documents of the cars, and to get a feel of the customer,” according to him. By exercising vigilance, situations when automobiles that have been stolen can be avoided.

Another important consideration is insurance. The payments cover the cost of Hallworth’s company’s yearly insurance coverage, which covers all of its services. Customers may rest easy knowing their priceless belongings are safeguarded throughout transportation thanks to this insurance.

Cost of Flying cars globally

Future of Transportation for Exotic Vehicles

Both Naran and Hallworth have established prosperous companies serving the ultra-wealthy, and word-of-mouth advertising at the highest levels has contributed to their expansion. As the market for high-end vehicle transportation keeps changing, these business owners are prepared to adjust and grow.

In addition, Naran is creating his own hypercar, the Naran, which is expected to cost more than £1 million ($1.3 million). This endeavour represents his increasing participation in the luxury automobile sector and his dedication to satisfying the needs of the affluent.


The ease and extravagance that characterise the lifestyles of the ultra-rich are demonstrated by the ability to transport high-end vehicles like the Porsche Carrera GT around the world. The world of luxury automobile transport is as rich as it is intriguing, whether it is due to the elaborate logistics, the outrageous prices, or the unusual requirements. The sector will only get more complex as businesses like Vimana Private Jets and Dan Car Logistics keep innovating and providing top-tier services to their wealthy clients.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on publicly available sources and may not be 100% accurate.

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