Citroën dominates the Indian market with 1,000 ë-C3 EVs


Citroën has announced a major agreement with OHM E Logistics to launch 1,000 Ñ-C3 electric cars (EVs) in India, marking a great step towards sustainable transportation. The goal of this program, which will take place over the course of the next year, is to improve the nation’s fleet of electric vehicles used for shared mobility services. In the initial round of this initiative, Hyderabad, a city dedicated to moving toward more environmentally friendly transportation options, will get 120 Ñ-C3 cars. This article explores the specifics of this collaboration, its ramifications for India’s sustainable transportation landscape, and the country’s prospects for electric car use.

Citroen e-C3

Citroën’s Dedication to Ecological Transportation

Leading French automaker Citroën has a long history of daring and ingenuity in the automobile business. Citroën has been in the forefront of developing cars and transportation solutions that adapt to social developments since its founding in 1919. The company is renowned for designing its vehicles and services with the welfare of its customers and sustainability in mind. Citroën is demonstrating its dedication to advancing electric mobility and cutting carbon emissions with the launch of the Ñ-C3.

According to ARAI criteria, the Citroën Ñ-C3 is an all-electric small SUV with a noteworthy range of 320 kilometers. With its cutting-edge fast-charging technology, it can be fully charged in under an hour. The vehicle is a great option for a variety of logistical needs because of its roomy cabin and large cargo capacity, which ensures effective and environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

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Strategic Partnership with OHM E Logistics

OHM E Logistics, one of India’s leading logistics companies, has been a pioneer in integrating sustainable energy solutions into its operations. This partnership with Citroën is a continuation of OHM’s efforts to adopt green energy and reduce carbon emissions. In October 2022, OHM introduced 100 electric taxis at GMR Hyderabad Airport, providing passengers with an eco-friendly transportation alternative. The addition of the Citroën ë-C3 fleet is expected to further reduce the city’s carbon footprint and promote eco-friendly transport options.

In an announcement about the collaboration, OHM Group Chairman and Founder Dr. Nirmal Reddy said, “With the Citroën All-New eC3, we are excited to add another feather in OHM’s cap in our progressing journey of sustainable energy solutions to reduce carbon emissions in our mission of making the earth more greener and viably sustainable.”

Citroen e-C3 contract

A Positive Beginning in Hyderabad

One hundred and twenty Citroën Ñ-C3s are being delivered to Hyderabad as part of the initial fleet induction phase. This project will have a major positive impact on this city in the upcoming months, which is renowned for its proactive approach to sustainable transportation. Over the course of the following year, the remaining 880 trucks will be incorporated into OHM E Logistics’ fleet, exhibiting a strong dedication to sustainability and effective logistics.

The importance of this collaboration was emphasized by Citroën India’s Brand Director, Shishir Mishra: “We are happy to work with OHM E Logistics Pvt. Ltd. in their initiative to adopt sustainable transportation solutions. The Citroën Ñ-C3 is a great alternative for companies wishing to switch to more environmentally friendly mobility solutions because it provides the appropriate balance of performance, comfort, and environmental friendliness. Our goal of encouraging electric mobility and lowering the carbon footprint in the transportation industry is furthered by this relationship.

Path Ahead: Growth and Upcoming Opportunities

The successful introduction of Citroën Ñ-C3 cars to Hyderabad is only the start. With grand ambitions, OHM E Logistics wants to extend its operations outside of Hyderabad and into other important cities like Goa, Delhi NCR, Mangalore, and Tirupati. In addition to improving OHM’s fleet capabilities, this expansion will make a major dent in the region’s carbon emissions.

There are a number of anticipated advantages to the wider use of electric cars, including less reliance on fossil fuels, decreased air pollution, and enhanced public health. Furthermore, in the long term, electric cars may prove to be a financially feasible choice for logistics and transportation firms due to the operating cost reductions they offer.


To sum up, the collaboration between Citroën and OHM E Logistics is a critical turning point in India’s transition to sustainable mobility. Through the addition of 1,000 Citroën ë-C3 electric cars to OHM’s fleet, this partnership is expected to significantly lower carbon emissions and promote environmentally friendly transportation options. With the introduction of these cars in Hyderabad, a hopeful path towards a more environmentally friendly future has begun.

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