Citroen’s Bold Vision: India Set to Become Second-Largest Market in 5 Years


Within the next five years, French carmaker Citroen hopes to make India the second-largest market in the world for automobiles, marking a significant milestone in the Indian automotive industry. The company’s aggressive growth plan for India was recently revealed by Citroen’s worldwide CEO, Thierry Koskas, who emphasised the significance of network expansion, product innovation, and brand awareness campaigns.

The company is setting out to make India its second-largest worldwide market, a daring move that demonstrates their faith in the country’s automobile industry. The French carmaker is preparing to launch new products, improve its network footprint, and increase brand recognition in the thriving Indian market with an eye towards quick development and market penetration.

Citroen’s Ambitious Vision

The ambitious goal of the company is to make India its second-largest market after France, the company’s native nation. This goal is at the centre of the company’s strategy. In a recent interview, the organization’s worldwide CEO, Thierry Koskas, voiced confidence about India’s prospects, pointing to the nation’s considerable development potential within the company’s global portfolio.

India’s Current Status

Although it is already one of Citroen’s top 10 markets, Koskas thinks there is still room for growth. Citroen admits the discrepancy, noting that India would sell just 9,500 units in 2023 as opposed to 2 lakh units in France, but the company is still optimistic about India’s future.

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Route to Achievement

Product Innovation and Network Extension
The development of Citroen’s network and its commitment to innovation in products are the two main cornerstones of its success in India. By the end of the year, the firm hopes to have increased its number of touchpoints from over 65 to 200, a major increase in its nationwide presence. By improving accessibility and client reach, this calculated move will set the stage for faster development.

Citroen is dedicated to launching new goods at the same time that are suited to the changing needs and tastes of Indian customers. Even while the business now sells a wide variety of cars in India, including as the Citroen C3, e-C3, C3 Aircross, and C5 Aircross, it intends to expand its selection when the Basalt crossover goes on sale later this year. Citroen wants to accelerate its growth trajectory in India by meeting the needs of the Indian market and putting an emphasis on the features and quality of its products.

Creating Brand Awareness

Citroen understands the vital significance of creating a strong brand in India in addition to growing its network and product line. Koskas emphasised that there is a need to increase the degree of spontaneous awareness among Indian customers in order to improve the visibility and recognition of the Citroen brand.

The company intends to make significant investments in brand-building campaigns in order to address this, including the selection of a brand ambassador to serve as the company’s representative in India. Although the ambassador’s specifics are still unknown, it is anticipated that this move would strengthen relationships with Indian customers and improve brand resonance.

Citroen’s development Outlook: Citroen is confident in its development prospects in India since it has a well-thought-out plan in place. Koskas expressed confidence in the company’s capacity to take advantage of India’s enormous market potential as long as it keeps producing high-quality goods and successfully caters to customer preferences.


In conclusion, Citroen is committed to utilising India’s enormous economic potential, as seen by its ambitious ambition for the nation. To maintain a strong position in India’s changing automotive market, the French manufacturer is putting network growth, product innovation, and brand-building activities first. The stage is set for an exciting path of growth and success as Citroen aims to make India its second-largest worldwide market.

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