Chery Marks Two-Year Milestone in Pakistan with Significant Tiggo 8 Pro Price Drop


In honour of its two-year anniversary in the Pakistani car industry, Chery and Ghandhara Automobiles Limited have released a noteworthy statement. The well-known carmaker has made the decision to drastically reduce the cost of its well-liked crossover SUV, the Tiggo 8 Pro, by an astounding Rs. 850,000. This decrease, which takes effect on April 17, 2024, is intended to honour the brand’s prosperous history in Pakistan while giving buyers a compelling chance to purchase this amazing car.

A Symbol of Thanks: Expressing Gratitude to Clients

Chery conveyed its appreciation to its esteemed clientele, recognising their important part in the company’s development. In recognition of the steadfast support and devotion exhibited by Pakistani auto fans, the Special Retail Selling Price (RSP) for the Tiggo 8 Pro has been announced.

The New Cost: Increasing Accessibility for Tiggo 8 Pro

The Tiggo 8 Pro was formerly priced at Rs. 10,399,000; however, its updated price is now Rs. 9,550,000. In addition to commemorating Chery’s accomplishment, this large price drop attempts to increase the Tiggo 8 Pro’s accessibility for users throughout Pakistan.

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Conditions of Use: Recognising the Offer

The Tiggo 8 Pro price reduction is subject to the following terms and limitations, just like any special offer:

  • Due to limited supplies, the deal is only accessible on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Any applicable government taxes must be paid by the customers at the time of delivery.
  • The cost in effect at the time of delivery will be used.
  • Ghandhara Automobiles guarantees flexibility in the campaign by reserving the right to discontinue the offer at any moment.

Sustaining Devotion: Chery’s Latest Proposals

This news comes after Chery made a similar statement in February 2024 on an engine extended warranty for its crossover cars that lasted 10 years and 1 million km. These programmes highlight Chery’s dedication to offering its clients value while preserving a competitive advantage in the fast-paced Pakistani car industry.

Tiggo: An Unforgettable Name

Since its launch, the Tiggo series, which includes the Tiggo 8 Pro and Tiggo 4 Pro, has had a big influence on the local market. The Tiggo portfolio has drawn attention from Pakistani consumers thanks to its sophisticated features, strong performance, and stylish style, which has helped the company succeed there.

Changing the Market: The Ascent of Crossover Automobiles

Pakistan has seen a notable increase in the popularity of crossover cars, especially with the launch of the Kia Sportage in 2019. Customers’ preferences are shifting from sedans to crossovers, which is indicative of their rising appreciation for these cars’ practicality, style, and driving pleasure.

Broadening Perspectives: Chery’s Outlook for the Future

Going forward, Chery is committed to growing its presence in the Pakistani car industry. The firm is well-positioned to launch additional innovative products in the upcoming years, as part of its aim to continuously develop and meet the changing demands of customers. Chery wants to establish itself as a reliable car brand in Pakistan via strategic alliances, customer-focused projects, and a dedication to quality.


In summary, Chery’s two-year anniversary in Pakistan is being celebrated, and the brand’s dedication to its clients is demonstrated by the price drop of the Tiggo 8 Pro. In addition to celebrating its achievement, Chery wants to make sure that Pakistani auto fans may enjoy the excitement of driving a Tiggo 8 Pro by providing alluring offers at affordable costs.

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