Best selling cars in the United Kingdom |UK

Each and every industry in the world is affected by a coronavirus. The automobile industry is also suffering from this crisis. Only 4321 new cars sold overall in April 2020.

But here are some of the details of the most recent year-to-date sales:

1. Ford Fiesta (15,952 units)

It is not a surprise to see Ford’s car at the top spot. As this car is the UK’s best selling car every year since 2009. The most surprising fact is that the demand for this vehicle hasn’t stopped after so many years.

Ford won in this segment because of Fiesta’s ability to blend efficiency with charm.

2. Volkswagen Golf (14,627 units)

The demand for this car is still very strong after so many small cars from different big brands. The style, efficiency and affordable price of this vehicle make it the perfect supermini car. This car is about seven years old but it looks as shiny as it was at the time of launch, you cannot feel it’s age.

3. Ford Focus (14,092 units)

This is the second car for Ford in this list.

This car has everything which a small car should have. It has an engaging driveline and good ergonomics. It is very smooth to drive and not that much costly. The car is comfortable with a sophisticated look.

4. Vauxhall Corsa (12,328 units)

This car is the best selling model in Britain for Vauxhall. It has a strong and decently economical engine. The price of this vehicle is also decent. So, many people buy this car because it is not costly. 

5. Nissan Qashqai (11,857 units)

This car arrived in 2006, it is said to be the birth car in the crossover class. This class is now the most demanding segment in the UK. Now about fourteen years later, when nearly 30 opponents are in the market, still Nissan Qashqai midsize SUV remains the king. 

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