Best Premium SUVs of 2020

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SUVs have become a new trend in the Automobile market. Carmakers are now making more premium SUVs. SUVs are in great demand because of their comfort and performance. The most motivating factor for a buyer is the style and design of an SUV. The most popular of them are 4×4 cars which have the best luxury, space and refinement. Here are the top 10 best luxury SUVs of 2020.

  1. Range Rover Sport

This is a car which has a unique sportier design which looks powerful and muscular. You will get a redesigned bonnet vents and it has a sporty well option. It delivers breathtaking on-road performance. It has a 5 little V8 engine offered an output of 525bhp. It has an advanced petrol engine and an electric motor which delivers the remarkable performance of Range Rover Sport PHEV. It can go from 0-60 mph in 6.3 seconds and has a top speed of 137mph. It’s starting price is £ 65,295.

  1. Audi e-tron

This is Audi’s first all-electric production car. It has a fantastic performance as well as comfort. It has Deluxe 2-zone electronic climate control with remote preconditioning. This car can go from 0-60 mph in 5.7 seconds. The starting price of the car is £71,560.

  1. Land Rover Discovery

This is the second car for Land Rover in the luxury segment of SUVs. This is the fifth-generation Land Rover Discovery. This car has an off-road ability that very fewer vehicles can beat. It looks stylish and muscular on the road. It has a seven-seat layout with a huge amount of space. The latest technology is used to deliver the highest level of capability and connectivity. The starting price of this car is £48,340.

  1. Porsche Cayenne 

This car has a dynamic design and offers efficient turbocharged engines. It offers driver and passenger extraordinary comfort. It is a genuine sports car which features every aspect of a Porsche car. It can go from 0-62 miles in 6.2 seconds and it has a top speed of 152mph. The starting price of this car is £57,195.

  1. Audi Q7

It is a desirable SUV with a real aura of accomplishment. High-quality material is used to build this car. It has a dynamic front and rear indicators with matrix LED headlights. It has a 2-zone automatic climate control system. It has two engine options, the petrol engine is a 3.0 litres V6 engine and diesel engine is a 3.0 litres V6 engine. It’s starting price is £56,880.

  1. BMW X5

This is the fourth-generation of this segment. The car is smaller and lower than most of its rivals. It comes with a 6-cylinder petrol engine that delivers 340hp. It can go from 0-62 in 5.5 seconds. It looks totally classy and has a hexagonal design. The starting price of the car is £60,125.

  1. Mercedes Benz GLE

This is the fourth-generation GLE. The predecessors are known as the ML-Class. 

Engine options include four- and six-cylinder turbo diesel with up to 325bhp. It also has a 3.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine in the GLE 450 which give 362bhp power. It has best in class comfort and performance. It has a more dynamic expression to lower. The starting price of this car is £57,790.

  1. Volvo XC90

It is a seven-seater car with best in class comfort and handling. It has a mild-hybrid and T8 twin engine. It is designed in that way which feels driving easier and enjoyable. It has ample of space for passengers. It has a Scandinavian design which gives it an elegant look. It can go from 0-62mph in 5.80 seconds. The starting price of this car is £65,975.

  1. Range Rover Velar

This car loom similar to the Land Rover concept car. It has a progressive design as well as clean and elegant performance. It has an aluminium 4-cylinder and V6 engines deliver a wonderful drive. The starting price of this car is £57,595.

  1.  Mercedes Benz G-Class

This is an off-road vehicle. After 40 years of development, the G-Class looks like a G-Class. The design is elegant and has the best in class performance. It has a premium interior design. It has outstanding performance both on and off-road. It also has the best in the class safety system. It has a starting price of £96,220.

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