Automobile Industry condition amid coronavirus |UK

The effect of coronavirus on the world has the same impact on the car industry. Factories have been shut down around the world. The stock market has fallen down. Vehicle sales have dropped and many of the major automobile events have cancelled.  Here is some information about the car world.

Today 24th April 2020, production of the new Volkswagen ID 3 electric car has resumed at the company’s Zwickau plant. The plant is Volkswagen’s first European car plant. Now, the plant is set to start building models.

Due to the protection of workers and the staff, the work will start slowly as social distancing and regular cleaning must be there. Volkswagen is trying to build 50 cars a day which is one-third of the usual output. 

Volkswagen is also resuming their Chemnitz engine plant on 27 April that is Monday.

Jaguar Land Rover is attempting to resume the production in Solihull, Austria and Slovakia on 18 May 2020.  The company said that they will resume the work, starting with these three facilities. They will take care of all the restrictions to tackle the coronavirus. The company stated that the health and safety of our staff are the utmost importance. The Jaguar Land Rover sale fell by 30.9% in the first three months of 2020.


Volvo is doing many things for the customers, they have extended an online sales platform with a new ‘Stay Home Store’ concept. In this concept, the customer can browse a series of negotiated prices and lease rates. Many down payment options are also available.


Vauxhall is also doing the same thing as the Volvo. The company is also offering the sale of new and used cars online during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are claiming that the car will be delivered to the buyer’s home by taking care of social distancing protocol.

Aston Martin

The company has announced many cost-saving measures. Some of them are voluntary pay reductions for senior leaders. The company is also aiming to resume the production at its St Athan facility on 5 May. It will be aligned with Public Health Wales and England guidelines on safe working.


You will be known to the news that Nissan is manufacturing thousands of protective aprons for NHS workers at its Sunderland plant. In just eight days, volunteers have designed a manufacturing process. They are aiming 18000 aprons in a week and planning to increase it to 70000 in a week.

The company has only 50 staff which are less than one per cent of the total workforce. 

Nissan is aiming to resume work at European plants starting from three Spanish factories from April 27, 2020.

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