Ather Rizta: The Finest E-scooter Experience for Family


With the release of Ather Energy’s newest model, the Ather Rizta, the Indian electric scooter market is booming. The Rizta is a family scooter that is intended to satisfy the pickiest consumer. It combines performance, technology, and convenience. We examine if the Ather Rizta really is the best e-scooter for families in our in-depth study.

Ather Rizta

Construction and Design of Ather Rizta

The Rizta is designed with familiarity and practicality in mind by Ather Energy. With flatter side panels, flat LED lighting, and fewer lines, the conservative design aims for long-lasting appeal over flamboyance. As a consequence, the scooter has a dependable, sturdy appearance—qualities that families greatly like.

The massive dimensions of the Rizta give it an intimidating attitude despite its conventional aesthetics. It has a wider track but is the same length as the Honda Activa 125. Despite being longer than the Activa 125, the wheelbase is still small, which adds to the overall balanced appearance. The low-resistance tyres and 12-inch alloy wheels of the Rizta provide a steady and pleasant ride. The standard of the switchgear, plastics, and paint job all feel robust and sturdy, adding to its appeal.

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Best of Practicality: Well-Thought-Out Storage Options

In terms of practicality, the Ather Rizta excels. The scooter has an under-seat storage compartment that holds 34 litres and has enough area to accommodate a full-size helmet. Ather also provides a storage bag attachment that neatly fits into the boot, making it easy for you to transport your belongings. A front trunk (frunk) that adds an additional 22 litres of storage space surrounding the apron is another feature of the Rizta, along with several hooks. The scooter is versatile for everyday tasks since its flat floorboard can accommodate large objects like a gas cylinder.

The back seat of the Rizta is now more accessible for both the rider and the pillion thanks to a reworked subframe. With this considerate design change, the scooter will be comfortable for both younger and elderly family members to ride.

Ather Rizta

Features and Technology of Ather Rizta

The tech-friendly attitude of Ather Energy is well-known, and the Rizta lives up to this reputation. To avoid overwhelming potential family consumers, the 450X’s 7-inch touchscreen is swapped out with a non-touch dashboard in the Rizta. This choice streamlines the user interface and lowers expenses. The dashboard is joystick operated and is readable under a variety of lighting situations. Convenience is increased with features like Atherstack 6-powered live location monitoring and WhatsApp alerts. We experienced some heating problems with the dashboard throughout our test, which resulted in it freezing. Ather promises that production models will take this into account.

An Engine and Powertrain Combination of Comfort and Power

The Ather Rizta and 450S use the same engine, which consists of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous (PMS) motor with a max torque of 22 Nm and 4.3 kW (5.7 horsepower). The Rizta has a more linear power delivery than the performance-focused 450 Series, which makes it seem less rushed and more carefree. The scooter’s acceleration is little impacted by its 11 kg weight advantage over the 450S. It can still travel at 60 to 80 km/h with ease, though. The silent operation of the electric motor adds to the peaceful riding experience. Smooth power delivery and quick throttle response combine to provide a comfortable ride.

There are two riding modes available for the Rizta: Zip and SmartEco. Zip mode delivers a faster performance, while SmartEco mode is optimised for range and bottoms out at 60 km/h. Although both modes are operational, adding a third option in between Zip and SmartEco would improve overtaking and offer a little more thrill.

Cost and Resultant Opinion: Competitive Rates

The pricing range for the Ather Rizta (ex-showroom, Bengaluru) is ₹1.10 lakh to ₹1.45 lakh. For an extra ₹15,000–20,000, you can get the Pro Pack, which has more sophisticated features like Magic Twist and SkidControl. Although the Rizta is more expensive than traditional family scooters, it provides a great deal of value in terms of technology, security, and usefulness.


To sum up, the Ather Rizta is a formidable competitor in the family e-scooter market since it successfully delivers a well-balanced combination of functionality, technology, and performance. It is a useful asset to any family because of its well-considered design, plenty of safety measures, and intuitive technology.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on publicly available sources and may not be 100% accurate.

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