Astonishing Sales Growth for MG Motor India in 2023


MG Motor India had a great year in 2023, exceeding all sales projections and solidifying the company’s position as a key participant in the fast-paced Indian car sector. 2023 saw an astounding 18.39% increase in sales over the previous year, with an astounding 56,902 units sold annually. This accomplishment not only signifies MG’s fourth year of rapid growth, but it also establishes the brand as a leader in the rapidly changing Indian automotive industry.

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Remarkable Sales Numbers for the MG Motor

MG Motor India experienced a notable surge in sales for the fiscal year 2023, rising by an astounding 8,839 units over the 48,063 units sold in 2022. This significant expansion not only confirms MG’s ongoing success but also solidifies its place as a major participant in the dynamic Indian car sector.

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MG ZS and Comet’s Triumph: The Power Couple

One of the main factors contributing to MG Motor’s success is the dynamic combination of MG ZS and Comet. MG recorded strong sales of 4,400 units in December 2023 alone, a remarkable 12.85% rise over December 2022. With a 5.92% month-over-month gain, or 246 units higher than the previous month, the positive momentum persisted. This outstanding result demonstrates the acceptability and popularity of goods in the market.

EV Dominance – MG Motor’s Electric Revolution

EV models account for an astounding 25% of overall sales, demonstrating MG Motor’s significant influence in the electric vehicle (EV) market. With this accomplishment, MG is now unquestionably India’s second-largest EV vendor. Together, the flagship MG ZS and MG Comet models have sold an incredible 20,000 units, demonstrating their popularity and domination in the quickly changing EV industry.

December Dynamo – 13% YoY Growth

December 2023 was MG Motor India’s most notable month, with retail sales rising by an impressive 13% year over year. MG’s performance, which saw 4,400 units sold in December 2022 as opposed to 3,899 units in December 2022, closes the year on a positive note and fits in perfectly with larger industry trends. This expansion demonstrates MG’s dependability, toughness, and potent customer appeal.

Leading the Passenger Vehicle Segment

MG Motor India outperformed the industry average of 8–9% in the same sector with a remarkable growth rate of 18% in the total passenger vehicle (PV) segment. This outstanding achievement distinguishes MG in the cutthroat PV sector and establishes it as a major player.

The Outstanding Sales of Bajaj Auto: A Comparative Perspective

In a related success story, Bajaj Auto recorded notable expansion, selling 1,58,370 two-wheelers in December, a notable 26% increase over the previous year. Despite operating in distinct markets, MG Motor and Bajaj Auto’s combined success stories support the expanding Indian automotive sector.

Sustained Growth for a Pioneering Force

MG Motor India continues to be a pioneer in the automotive industry, exhibiting remarkable and consistent growth even in the face of major industry changes. The company’s accomplishments in FY 2023 solidify its standing as a premier participant that makes a substantial contribution to the industry’s general expansion and advancement.


In summary, MG Motor India’s voyage in FY 2023 is a prime example of the company’s dedication to innovation and excellence in the Indian automotive environment, in addition to its steady expansion. Together, the outstanding sales numbers, the popularity of the flagship models, and the business alliances have put MG in a class by themselves. MG Motor India continues to be a powerful force in the automotive industry, defining standards and influencing the direction of transportation in the future.

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