About 52 K Mazda Tribute in risk of catching fire

Mazda Tribute
Mazda Tribute

Almost 52 thousand Mazda Tribute or to be appropriate 52,390 Tribute SUV of 2001 and 2001 models have a problem in their brake system. The problem is so severe that it can result to fires!

The problem starts from the cap on the brake master cylinder reservoir, which can leak brake fluid. If this happens, the leaking fluid could wind up on the on a wiring harness connector for the anti-lock brake system. Which ultimatly can lead to fire!

Because of this problem, Mazda motor corporation is advising the car owners of Mazda Tribute 2001 & 2002 models to park their cars outside until the problem is fixed

Mazda corporation has also reported that affected the cars were made between April 20, 2000 and July 19, 2002

Mazda corporation is trying to notify the car owners and will also notify the dealers
about the problem who will replace the Mazda Tribute’s brake master cylinder reservoir caps and modify their antilock-brake electrical system starting January 30
This service will be off corse free of charge.

If you are a owner of Mazda Tribute 2001 or 2002 model then you can get in touch with Mazda for help at 248-393-5990.


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