Kumkum Bhagya star “Abhishek Malik” drives home a ₹50 Lakh Fortuner dream!


In a wonderful turn of events, well-known television actor Abhishek Malik recently upgraded his lifestyle with a brand-new Toyota Fortuner, which cost an incredible Rs 50 lakh. The gorgeous actor, who is well-known for his captivating performances in popular television programmes like Kumkum Bhagya and Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, took to social media to express his happiness and the backstory of this incredible purchase. Let’s examine the characteristics that make the Toyota Fortuner the pinnacle of performance and style, as well as the specifics of Abhishek Malik’s road to this expensive acquisition.

Abhishek Malik revealed his long-held desire to possess an opulent Fortuner in a recent Instagram post. The actor, who has received recognition for his commitment to his job, explained that this purchase represents more than simply his material belongings; rather, it is a representation of the effort and commitment he has put into his business in order to support his family. He conveyed his happiness and said he had worked very hard for his family and himself. He stressed that this purchase represents the culmination of years of unrelenting work and the realisation of his aspirations. It tells a tale of perseverance, achievement, and the desire to savour the rewards of one’s labours.

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Abhishek Malik’s career in a nutshell

The versatile Indian actor Abhishek Malik, who was born on May 23, 1990, has made a name for himself in the Hindi television market. Malik, who stands 1.80 metres tall, made a striking acting debut in the 2012 series “Chhal-Sheh Aur Maat,” where he played Rishi Shekhawat. His flexibility has been shown in a number of noteworthy parts, such as Rohan Sippy in “Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum,” Harshad Saxena in “Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan,” and Rohan Srivastav in “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.”

Abhishek Malik is well-known not just for his acting but also as a model, influencer, and soap opera star. His partnerships include work with well-known figures like Brandie Weber, demonstrating his prominence and influence in the entertainment sector.

Remarkably, there is another prominent business leader named Abhishek Malik who specialises in process improvement, operational excellence, and finance management. It’s important to distinguish between the two people since actor Abhishek Malik has gained widespread recognition in the television industry after competing in MTV Splitsvilla 7 and most recently appearing on screens as Akshay Tandon in the current season of “Kumkum Bhagya.”

Unveiling Features of the Luxurious Fortuner

Let’s change gears now and take a closer look at the gorgeous SUV that Abhishek Malik has added to his collection—the Toyota Fortuner.

The Toyota Fortuner is a powerful and elegant statement rather than merely a vehicle. This SUV, which is priced at Rs 50 lakh, is a dream come true for many auto aficionados, including our favourite TV personality. Abhishek Malik’s selection of the Fortuner is indicative of his taste for elegance and his wish for a car that can combine substance and flair in a seamless manner.

Engine Power

A powerful 4-cylinder, 2694 cc, 2.8 L diesel engine, the 1GD-FTV Turbocharged D-4D I4, powers the Fortuner.
This beast of a vehicle promises an exhilarating ride with remarkable acceleration.

Fuel Economy

The Fortuner has an 80-liter gasoline tank and a driving range of 1136 km, which makes it the perfect vehicle for lengthy trips.
The Fortuner balances power and economy, achieving a fuel efficiency of 10 kmpl (depending on gearbox and fuel type).

Space and Comfort

The SUV’s roomy cabin can fit seven people, offering the driver and passengers comfort and elegance.
Front seats with ventilation improve the driving experience overall and make for a more comfortable and joyful journey.


The Fortuner demonstrates its dynamic performance capabilities by accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 13.25 seconds.
A 279 mm ground clearance makes for easy manoeuvring over a variety of terrains.

Safety Features

The Fortuner has seven airbags to ensure the safety of its passengers and provide all-around protection in the event of an emergency.
Navigation and cutting-edge connectivity features improve the driving experience.


To sum up, Abhishek Malik’s transformation from an aspiring actor to a well-known TV personality has been enjoyable, and he now has a Toyota Fortuner in his collection. With its strong engine, cutting-edge technologies, and roomy interior, the luxurious SUV is the ideal match for the actor’s appreciation of better things in life. The Fortuner represents achievement and pursuing one’s dreams as supporters rejoice over Abhishek Malik’s success and realisation of their dreams. This high-profile acquisition not only gives the actor’s life a little extra glitz, but it also acts as motivation for many others who follow his path.

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